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Tools I Use A Lot

I will write a bit about tools I use as I remember


Originally rupa/z but I have switched to zoxide

I have generally bad memory so to cd into a commonly used directory with just a part of the name I remember is really useful.


Fzf is fuzzy finder that is really versatil. You can use it in many places and hence, for a long time I didn't not understand where and how to use it.

Treats me well for not reading the docs! It has integrations for popular shell environments that will put ctrl+r on steroids!

Also zoxide picks up fzf and works with it!

Ripgrep (rg)

A very fast Grep with nice default behaviour including filters.

See why you may want to try ripgrep


I use this mainly behind corporate barbed wires. I initially tried it because it was a tmux like thing which I can take behid the barbed wires. Something I really like about zellij is how discoverable it's features are.


My own shell script to go back up the path.

Find za here. For Fish shell, is here

Another idea I have explored is going up to directory by name. bash/zsh/fish implementations are found here


Testing emails from a web app you are building? Start here

I really liked Mailhog when I did this type of work but it's been a while since I had test sending e-mail. Mailhog is not maintained anymore and Mailpit seems to want to carry the baton!

There's also MailCrab, written in Rust!


Want to load test your web app? Vegeta is easy to get started with.