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Terraform - GCP - Excercise

Directory Structure

Create a git repository and intialize a directory structure suitable for following resource layout.


Create resources in following scenario using Terraform

  1. There are two projects Jupiter and Mars (You are free to choose any name as long as it follows GCP best practices. Jupiter and Mars are just for reference). Mars Project is only needed in Challenge section.
  2. You should plan to have a qa and a prod environments (<env> in diagram). Assume that the resources are mostly identical.
  3. Create the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Network and Subnets.
  4. Create a bastion server under Jupiter project, on web subnet. Use default OS for the VM.
  5. Create another VM under Jupiter project on app subnet named rocket-app. This VM should NOT have a pulic IP.
  6. Create appropriate firewall rules so that user can access rocket-app from Bastion server using SSH. The port 80 of rocket-app should be accessible too.
  7. Assume rocket-app VM needs internet access. Since we didn't give it a public IP, next option is to allow access via Cloud NAT. Configure cloud NAT for your netwrok.
  8. When you are working in a team environment, managing and collaborating on code is a problem. Git solves this for us. With Terraform, the state also becomes a problem. Remote state solves this problem. Configure remote state for your project.


  1. Configure it so that resources from each project can use the same network resources 1.
  2. Create a Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) cluster in Mars Project. Use app subnet as the primary subnet for cluster.


1This can not be done without Organization level permissions. To set up an organization you need either Gsuite or Cloud Identity. Premium tier costs $6/month. Cloud identity has a free tier Use that to set up an organization. You would also need your own domain name.